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WheelWOD of August 14/17

Today’s WheelWOD is … WWG & WZA Prep We will be programming WODS the next few months that are setting you up for optimal training in prep for Working Wounded Warrior games 2017 ( Oct 7/17) and WZA Online Challenge starting September for 3 weeks. So add some or all of this training if you […]

WheelWOD of Aug 10/17

Todays WheelWOD… Standing: 3 rounds for time of: 100 squats 50 box jumps, 20/16 25 Dumbell snatch 50/35 . Seated: 3RFT: 100 push ups 50 slam balls, 20/10 25 dumbbell snatch 35/20 . Have Fun Stouty  

WheelWOD & RomWOD August 8/18

WheelROM Well  as you probably saw, We have exciting news! WheelWOD and RomWOD have teamed up to bring you the WheelROM adaptive pathway. It has 10 adaptive pathways that will help you mobilze and get those tight shoulders, packed spine and postierior chain open again. . Head to https://romwod.com/wheelwod Sign up for a membership today and […]

WheelWOD of August 5/17

Today’s WheelWOD is..   EVENT 6 (adapted CrossFit) TRIPLE-G CHIPPER 100 pull-ups 80  sit-ups 60 air squats 40-cal. row 20 dumbbell push presses M 50-lb. dumbbell F 35-lb. dumbbell\. .\ TRIPLE-G CHIPPER 100 pull-ups 80  Push ups 60 db snatch 40-cal. row/ski 20 dumbbell push presses M 35-lb. dumbbell F 20-lb. dumbbell , Enjoy

WheelWOD of Aug 1/17

Games WEEK Steph & I will be on the road tomorrow heading for Wisconsin. CrossFit Games 2017. . follow us on social media to keep tabs of the WheelWOD crew. We will be at the Kevin OGAR private movie screening Wednesday night . Today’s WheelWOD is.. Seated (Standing) 8x200m sprints rest 30 seconds between. then […]

WheelWOD July 31/17

Hey WheelWODnation few things on the cooker, Look for the release of WheelROM ( via ROMWOD) this week WheelWOD at the Games – come see us and do an interview Working Wounded games – Stouty will be there, he did the program WZA – WheelWOD will have a tent as well as Stouty did all […]