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WheelWOD Championships Schedule 2017

Weekend schedule: Event Site address: 1 heritage drive, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. For anyone looking for live stream go to our WheelWOD Facebook Page and check our instagram Stories and posts for updates. results can be seen at www.ugseries.com  or www.competitioncorner.net Friday: Athlete Registration 1:00pm – 2:30pm Athlete meeting 1:45pm WOD 1: 2:30pm WOD 2: 8:10pm […]


The following Have Qualified for the WheelWOD Championships in Collingwood Ontario Canada!   FOR THE OTHERS THAT DID NOT.. WHAT A INCREDIBLE HARD FAUGHT BATTLE! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU IN MIAMI WODAPALOOZA QUALIFIERS AND THE WOUNDED WARRIOR GAMES   Standing Mens Upper: Casey Acree – Open Winner crossfit enhance Logan Aldridge Crossfit Exchange James […]

WheelWOD of May 6/16

Friday Fantastic   FRIDAY: “Mobility is KING” STRENGTH: SH. PRESS 10 MIN EMOM 4 REPS INCREASE WEIGHT EACH ROUND . THE 5TH OF 12 FRIDAY TESTS  WOD: SHERWOD #5  2 Rounds for time of: 18 Calorie Row/Ski 15 SH. Press 95/65 12 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups . CASHOUT: 50 sh. flys (10lbs) 50 Sh flys (5lbs) go as […]