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REST DAY – Sept 7/17

Today is a Rest Day be sure to do your ROMWOD #WheelROM if you haven’t signed up go to www.romwod.com/wheelwod WheelWODnation Get Swole and Flexy

WheelWOD of May 31/17

Today’s WheelWOD is … Wednesday May 31, 2017 Focus: 20 mins 12 minute Dead Lift EMOM start at 50% in crease 5% each minute . Workout Of the Day: 10 Minutes 5 rds 1 Min DB/KB Dead Lifts 55/35 lbs. or 24/16kg 1 Min Push Ups . Standing Upper 1 Min Sumo DB/KB Dead Lifts […]

WheelWOD March 8/17

Sometimes you gotta just lift F’ing Heavy   Today’s WheelWOD is: 12 minutes to find 3RM Bench Press Then at end of 12 mins 6 Min AMRAP 1 leggess rope climb from floor to pull up bar 2 Strict Pull Ups 4 Bench Press at 85% OF 3RM 6 Ring Dips . . Scale with: […]

WheelWOD OPEN Ahtlete Info

Hello Athletes! First off thank you for joining in on the fun. for your info the $5.00 paid is only to cover the cost of www.CompetitionCorner.net and to buy food for the judges at the end of the open who have volunteered their time to review the selected Rx Videos. Currently we have 130 athletes […]

WheelWOD – Heavy Day of Feb 22/17

Today’s WheelWOD is… WEIGHTLIFTING BACK SQUAT Standing ( BENCH PRESS Seated) Squats  (Bench ) – 1 & 1/2 5×3 @55% 3×3 @65% 3×1 @70% **1 ½ squats& bench = Squat to depth, then raise halfway, lower to depth again, then stand fast. **First 2 reps of each set, 1 ½, 3rd rep, regular speed squat. […]

We Wheelie Love you- WheelWOD Feb 14/17

Happy Valentines Day As a Valentine to you, we are issuing this challenge Courtesy of Coach Steph “The Hammer” Hammerman. This is #WheelLOVE Valentine Challenge a.k.a Wall Balls from Hell Seated Rx (Scaled) 25 Min Cap 40 WB  10lb @ 9ft/7ft ( 7ft/6ft) 50m Wheel 30 WB 14lb @ 9ft/7ft ( 7ft/6ft) 50m Wheel 20 […]

WheelWOD of Feb 13/17

WheelWODnation Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for another week of Fun. We will be issuing a challenge this afternoon as well as putting out this dirty mash up. I took a run at this Friday and was so smashed by it I had to share it with you guys to try […]

WheelWOD of Feb 10/17

Today’s #WheelWOD is horrible …. lol Seated Rx ( Scaled) 12 min Amrap 2 shuttle wheel 40 ft – 20 0ut 20 back. 2 Db Thrusters  35/20 (20/10) 4 shuttle wheel 40 ft – 20 0ut 20 back. 4 Db Thrusters 35/20(20/10) 6 shuttle wheel 40 ft – 20 0ut 20 back. 8 Db Thrusters […]

WheelWOD Open Prep 11.2 Feb 7/17

WheelWOD OPEN PREP Remember to Sign up here: WheelWOD OPEN 2017 Hope all of you are taking on the Db challenge and post your scores on it as we will be giving the best scores a free new edition of the WheelWOD Shirt being released in the start of the OPEN. Today we are going […]

WheelWOD Dumbbell Challenge Feb 6/17

2017 Open Dumbbell Challenge After Castro released the db warning this past week we thought it only fitting that we issue a little challenge to get you guys thinking and moving with the DB’s Regular WheelWOD followers will recognize that we use Db’s/Kb’s once a week as we are firm believers that it builds stability […]