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WZA WEEK 2 is HERE WOD 3 is LIVE, 4 & 5 are coming out today!   You Can Find ALL WOD 3 DETAILS  Here: https://www.thewodapalooza.com/workouts/17-18/adaptive-challenge/week-2-wod-3     WZA ONLINE WOD 3: Standing 21 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups 4 – 25ft OH Dumbbell Carry (100ft total) 9R/9L 1 arm Kb swings Seated 21 Pull-ups 18 Push-up’s 15 […]

WheelWOD of August 17/17

Today is a usually a rest day but we switched it to earlier this week. Many athletes ask me how I run my own programming and what kind of template did I follow when I was competing? Take a look at this template and then hit the workout that follows: Monday: Accessory Work Crossover symetry […]

WheelWOD & RomWOD August 8/18

WheelROM Well  as you probably saw, We have exciting news! WheelWOD and RomWOD have teamed up to bring you the WheelROM adaptive pathway. It has 10 adaptive pathways that will help you mobilze and get those tight shoulders, packed spine and postierior chain open again. . Head to https://romwod.com/wheelwod Sign up for a membership today and […]