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WheelWOD April 3/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… STANDING: 5 RFT 400-meter run 7 pull-ups 4 clean and jerks Men: 185 lb. ( SAA & SLA) – 140 lb. Women: 125 lb. (SAA & SLA) – 95 lb. SEATED: 5 RFT 400-meter wheel or ski 7 pull-ups 4 clean and jerks Men: 105 lb. Women: 55 lb. . Scaling This […]

WheelWOD of March 29/18

Today’s WheelWOD is.. CrossFit.com Benchmark  WOD “Angie” STANDING: For time: 100 pull-ups 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats Note: Standing lower may squat to box/ Standing upper may use band to replace limb SEATED: 100 pull ups from hang 100 push ups from knees 100 seated back ext 100 Box dips   Scaling This chipper […]

Pull UP Progression “Climb Up”

This is one method we use at CrossFit Indestri to get up to the pull up bar and allow for full hang pull ups. We used to use a rope and found that the grip and effort being used each time during a WOD was killing the ability to do pull ups. So we created […]