Wheelwod of March 4th- Week 1 Leaderboard

Week 1 Results! Great response to the first wod. if you know someone who wants to join in we will incorporate them in next weeks leaders and they will have to start 1 point off the overall final place. But can still compare each week where they finish. REMINDER 15.2 OPEN WHEELWOD WILL BE POSTED […]

WORKOUT OF THE DAY March 3rd 2015 #Open Results

Well most of the scores are in and a few coming in late that had already made arrangements. The leaderboard is coming out today! Stay tuned for the results. We have 16 athletes competing and its been an amazing start. Cant wait for Friday to launch the next WOD.   Until then lets get a […]

WORKOUT OF THE DAY March 2nd 2015 #MonsterMash

Scores are rolling in! its fantastic I believe we will have 15 people compete in the #wheelwod Crossfit open officially. Others may join as we go and can compete each week but wont be able to do the overall score if its not submitted this week. We do have 2 athletes with situations they informed […]

WheelWod OPEN 15.1 & 15.1a #Ogar

#WheelWodNation Crossfit OPEN Well it’s finally time! After some great deliberation on purpose of the workout, weight and movement standards we have final breakdown. We are lucky enough to have the first video explanation come from the one and only Ginja ninja Kevin Ogar. Kevin’s understanding of movement and purpose of a workout is incredible […]

OPEN WOD 15.1 announced at Feb 27th @ 4pm EST

The Wheelchair Gang is in the lab getting the video breakdown together and the list of movement standards in place. The announcement for 15.1 & 15.1a will be released here at 4pm EST today.   The First Announcement will be from Kevin Ogar and posted here on www.wheelwod.com  


Well tonight’s the night! we will find out the first open workout and then get hard at work to adapt the wod keeping the purpose of the original WOD set forth by crossfit.com.   Today will be a mobility focus with a quick blast work out Buy In:  3 rds 200m row 10 pvc pass […]


Hell Ya! mid week tomorrow the open is announced and Friday evening we will post it! I hope you are as pumped as we are. make sure you get video evidence of your wods and post some of that shit! we will share what we can. Today’s Wod is brought to you from your’s truly! […]


Another Monster Mash in the books! these Mondays are deadly! Today coming out of the #WheelHouse is a deadly Couplet from our Houston Wheelchair Gang Banger Angel Gonzalez. We featured Angel last week in the blog and this week we have a Wod that is sure to crush you. hope your ready to grind! Today’s […]

WORKOUT OF THE DAY FEBRUARY 23rd 2015 #MonsterMash

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for another great week of workouts! reminder we will be adapting the open WODs #wheelwodnation lets get after this week! Buy In: 5oom row/erg banded shoulder stretches 2rds of 10 good mornings 10 pvc pass thru 10 pvc figure 8’s   WOD: Monster Mash 3RFT 9 […]


WheelWod Nation! We had a record week with over 1000 hits on the website yesterday! It’s Incredible how many adaptive athletes are getting into the movement! the world is watching lets show them what we can do. We are all working towards improving our fitness and health. there are plenty different scales to get to […]