WheelWOD of July 15/17

Today’s WheelWOD is…  STRENGTH: SUMO-DEADLIFT 3 x 5 Heavy Weight ( Seated Dead Lifts) Don’t exceed 5 heavy attempts, Rest 3:00 between efforts 5:00 after last set Max Bodyweight SUMO-DEADLIFT (seated do 90% of 1RM) WOD: 10 RFT: 1 ROPE-CLIMB 6 BOX-JUMPS 24/20 ( Seated do slam Balls 30/20) 12 RUSSIAN-KB-SWINGS 24/16 ( Seated 12/8) Enjoy Stouty

Rest Day

Yesterday is gone, tommorrow has not yet come.. all we have is today -Mother Teresa  Do your www.ROMWOD.com #Swoleandflexy

WheelWOD of July 11/2017

The Come Down & Rebuild As always after competition you have the highs to embrace and you learn your weaknesses. Did you try the championship workouts or versions of them? Did you find a weakness in your game? Are you planning on addressing it? . We saw some amazing things and notice some areas athletes […]