What do we do?



We are excited to bring you the First of many weekly Blog’s addressing anything to do with Fitness & Lifestyle for the everyday athlete that uses a wheelchair or other mode of transport device.

The Topic of the Week is:

WheelWod – Who the Hell Are We?

The Founders and developers of WheelWod are Myself Chris Stoutenburg and partner Tyson Hornby. (If you want to read more on us click HERE )

We are both fitness coaches, Crossfit coaches and overall exercise junkies. We strongly believe in fitness and being all inclusive. Throughout our journey we have found their is not a consistent base of content for exercises for wheelchair users. I myself a T-6/7 spinal injury have tried many different domains to train and have struggled with lack of variety, movement standards and an accessible place to find instruction.

WheelWod was designed to address all these “Gaps” in Wheelchair fitness. We are doing this by providing  Seminars ,Personal Training and On-line programming.

Our Mission: To make all forms of fitness adaptable and accessible for everyone.

The Wheel WOD Seminars were created after recognizing a need for adapted fitness for people who are wheelchair users. This was done by a system of trial and error, adapting current functional exercises and was done over a 2 year process.

How Do We Achieve This?

  1. Addressing functional movement for adaptive athletes (based on their functional abilities)
  2. Through constant trial and error
  3. Implementing adaptable movements into daily training  (Test and retest)
  4. Evolution of fitness through Continuous sharing

We will be posting videos, instructional links and pictures weekly and encourage coaches to contact us and follow us on social media and be involved to help spread the movement of the adaptive athlete and make fitness all inclusive at your Box or Gym.

Chris Stouty Stoutenburg