Happy New Year WheelWOD nation!

2016 has officially become history. Now it’s time to take those new resolutions and implement them into action. Having recently moved and having to establish myself into a new community got me thinking about the best advice I could give you about tackling a transition period or your new resolution to get into the gym more often.

Here are my top 3…

Create a sense of calm: You may meet other athletes or coaches that have never interacted with someone of the adaptive community. Do your best to explain your situation, you knowledge and what your needs will be in the gym. This way even though the people you are surrounded by have entered unchartered territory they will feel comfortable asking you any questions or voicing concerns that may arrive in the future.

Roam wasn’t built in a day: Starting somewhere new is empowering and freeing, but it can also be terrifying so, remember seamless transitions take time. Stay true to yourself, your desires and your goals and people will soon follow. Don’t beat yourself up; allow yourself to have an adjustment period. If something is meant to be it will be.

Listen to your body: Transitions can be stressful even when they are for the best so, remember to listen to your body. Take rest days and on those days go and explore your new surroundings. You never know… you could find the most amazing hidden gem outside of the box. Rest is just as important as your next huge PR; treat it as such.

I hope each and every one of you take advantage of you life this year. 2017 has a lot to offer so, let’s give it out best.

Until Next Time!

Steph The Hammer