FAQ 16.2

Hey Guys
had a few questions about the movements in 16.2
NOTE: there was a small issue with competition corner this morning but it is back up and running! So be sure to get you results in.
  1. Can I do my chair raises with bent arms? Yes back wheels must be off ground and hips open and return knees to parallel with floor for rep
  2. Can someone help me up to the bar or rings? Yes you can receive help
  3. Can I swing on The Raises to get my knees to parallel? Yes as long as you meet the movement standards. please be careful if swinging could fall off rig and get hurt. I recommend you use spotters
  4. Cleans, if i miss front rack position on the clean do i need to go back to the floor to restart? no you can miss come back to lap and try again until successful, but then must return to floor to start next rep.
  5. What if I don’t have long enough battle ropes? Try bringing your gyms climbing ropes down they should be long enough. if not ask another gym. worst case scenario you could try to incorporate an extender. ill look into options and post a video tomorrow morning.
If you have any other questions feel free to send them our Way
Good Luck