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18.4 Score Card

Hey Guys sorry for the delay We had some issues with the system as we did not account for the daylight savings time change this week. The scorecard had a format glitch as well but all is fixed now. Thanks to Alec Zirkenbach for the fix to the scorecard!! Here is it.. and remember to […]

WheelWOD of March 12/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… Via CrossFit.com This is the very first Crossfit wod ever released on the site. The seated adaptation comes from Kevin Ogar. . STANDING ( may squat to box) For Time: 21 dB Thrusters 50/35 Run 400m (or row) 18 Thrusters Run or Row 400m 15 Thrusters Run or row 400m . SEATED […]

WheelWOD 18.2 Score Card

WheelWOD OPEN Score Card download Attached is the .PDF for Score Cards for 18.2   Adaptive Open 2018 Scorecard – 18.2 Please always refer to the written standards on competitioncorner.net Scores are due Tuesday March 6/18 11:59 EST

WheelWOD March 1/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… Seated: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean 75/45 Hanging hip touches . Standing: 10-1 Power Clean 115/75 Hanging hip touches (Upper) push ups . Stouty

18.1 Score’s Due Today Feb 27/18

Reminder 18.1 Score are due today at 11:59pm EST February 27/18 Submit through www.competitioncorner.net If you need help follow this link to see: HOW TO SUBMIT SCORES – Click HERE –  … Now back to Daily Programming until 18.2 🙂 Todays WheelWOD is…. STANDING: 10RFT 5 Front squats205/145 5 HSPU – Upper: sub with 8 […]

WheelWOD OPEN 18.1

Its that Time again WheelWOD Open starts at 5pm EST Head over to Competitioncorner.net To get full written standards and movement video REMEMBER Read all Written Standards as your final document there is a score card and video available but not all of the details are on the video or scorecard. You must follow the […]


Today’s WheelWOD is… WOD via Kevin Ogar For Time: 100 Presses 95lbs Record every time you take a break. Immediately after you finish 100reps multiply breaks by 10 and ski Erg that in Calories. Record both finish times. Enjoy Let the s know your results Stouty