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Today’s WheelWOD is … WWG & WZA Prep

We will be programming WODS the next few months that are setting you up for optimal training in prep for Working Wounded Warrior games 2017 ( Oct 7/17) and WZA Online Challenge starting September for 3 weeks. So add some or all of this training if you are looking for a good way to prepare for these competitions. As always scale weights, and movements accordingly.



a) 10 x 50m’s with your slowest 50 first. Increase your speed with each lap.

b) Recovery: 1000m at low exertion

c) Aerobic 4 x 300ms with 1:00 rest at moderate exertion

d) Mix Aerobic/Anaerobic 6 x 100 with 3:00 rest at high exertion

e) Anaerobic 4 x 100 with 5:00 rest at very high exertion

f) Creatine Phosphate 12 x 15m with 2:00 rest at high exertion


Do what you can and scale accordingly

Enjoy, Swim safe



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