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WheelWOD of April 18/17

Today’s WheelWOD is… Standing: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 DU – Lower Triple Unders – Upper Assault Bike calories . Seated 42-36-30-24-18-12-6 Battle Ropes – adapt for Triple-unders ( pull the ropes to full extension then move 5 feet closer to anchor point) with 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 Arms Only Assault Bike Calories You can thank Ogar for this one. And Angel […]

WheelWOD April 17/18

Today’s WheelWOD E2MOM 16 minutes 1 Dead lift 1 Hang Pull 1 Hang Clean (Increase weight each round working to a heavy single) Rest 5 mins Then 10 Mins to Find a 3 Rep Max hang clean ( seated box cleans, no bounce) Lift Heavy shit Stouty

WheelWOD of April 13/18

Friday the 13th! Today’s WheelWOD is.. Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3 Work to heavy triple . Pull up negatives 2-2-2-2-2 Aim for 7 second decent . 8 Min EMOM Skierg or Row :40 max distance :20 sec Rest . Stouty

Wheelwod of April 12/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2 Then 3 min amrap 7 Dead lifts 5 Hang Power Clean 3 sh2oh Standing Lower: 145/80 Standing Upper: 115/70 Seated: 75/35 Note: seated athletes will do floor to lap for Deads & all SAA/SLA will use 75% Enjoy Stouty

WheelWOD of April 11/18

Today’s WheelWOD is… Standing: For Time: 15-12-9 Assault Bike Cals Bar Facing Burpees Back Squats 225/155 Note: Single leg athletes will perform the squat at 75% of the prescribed . Seated: 5-4-2 Arms only Assault with 15-12-9 Slam balls 30/20 Bench Press 205/125 . Scale weight first, reps second and movement last. Enjoy Stouty

WheelWOD Regional Athletes

Regional Online  Qualifiers Hello all video’s have been reviewed invitations sent out to those who qualified for regionals. Each athlete will receive an email by tonight with your link and password to officially register. See the below lists of the athletes that are moving forward. Please refer to Classifications and regulations at this link below. […]

WheelWOD of April 10/18

Attention: Make sure if you submitted video for review you check your email for acceptance or invalid video email. Reminder the Top spot in the open divisions automatically qualifies. Today’s WheelWOD is.. Standing: 15-12-9 Push jerk 115/75 Burpee box over 24/20 Rest 5 minutes add weight 9-6-3 Push jerk 155/105 Burpee box over 30/24 SAA […]

WheelWOD of April 9/18

Today’s WheelWOD is.. 6×3 min amrap With 1 minute rest between amraps . Standing: 3 pull ups 6 box Jumps 24/20 3 Burpees 6 dB Cleans 55/35 . Seated: 3 pull ups 6 wall balls 3 slam balls 6 dB Cleans 35/20 . Scale weight and movement accordingly. Use a movement that allows you to […]