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WheelWOD of June 29/16

Today we are testing and doing a benchmark Strength: 1RM Bench WOD: The Chief with a twist 5rounds of  3 min AMRAP  3 Power snatch 95/45 6 push ups 9 seated back extensions Enjoy 1 min test between rounds 1 got 11rds 15 reps Rx Stouty

WheelWOD of June 26/16

Today’s #WheelWOD is brought to us by @dustyhyland via @stephthehammer We are adapting with  10 Sh.press @ 75/45 20 seated back ext or sit up 50 yd sled pull 100/75 Decrease by 1 rep on press and 2 reps on ext/sit-up each round  10-1 20-2 #Wheelwodnation #1morerepforthehammer #wheelwod #Crossfit

WheelWOD of June 24/16

Well it’s time for some serious cardio work today Focus:  6x200m wheel Rest 1:1 . WOD: For Time: 500m ski erg 25 cal arms only assault bike 500m row . Cash Out: 100 battle ropes unbroken Enjoy your weekend Stouty

WheelWOD of June 22/16

Today’s #WheelWOD is  A CrossFit Bench mark: Warm up its easy wheel, some shoulder mob. Nicole: 20 mins AMRAP 400m wheel  Max effort pull ups Count total # of pull-ups as score Stouty 116

WheelWOD of June 21/16

Today’s WheelWOD is a quick burn. STRENGTH: EMOM 15 mins 1 Sh. Press – Start @ 50% Increasing by 5lbs on male Decreasing by 15lbs on a miss  . WOD: 8 Min AMRAP 4 cal Arms only assault bike  4 Power Cleans 65/35 . CASHOUT: Row 1000m

WheelWOD of June 20/16

Today’s WheelWOD is a good endurance test. Strength: Bench Press  1×5 @ 50% 1×3 @ 60% 1×1 @ 70% 1xAmrap @ 75% . WOD:  ” Griff ” 800m forwards 400m Backwards 800m Forwards 400m Backwards . Rest 5 mins 2km Ski . Rest 5 mins ” Griff ” 800m forwards 400m Backwards 800m Forwards 400m […]

HammerWeek WOD#5

Last WOD of Hammer Week Seems fitting it come from Kevin Ogar who in his unfortunate accident brought all of us together. Since then the Wheelchair gang took off and we haven’t looked back.  This WOD is a great way to end a week of tough wods. This has been a week to try and […]

HammerWeek WOD

No Rest Day today… It’s HammerWeek and we are dropping it 5 days straight!  Let’s see what you have today as this is written from WheelWOD founder Chris Stouty Stoutenburg. As in his favorite style… It’s a mash up Chipper! WOD: 45 min Clock 0:00-20:00 AMRAP 1 mile wheel or Run 200 Battle ropes or […]

HammerWeek WOD 3

#HammerWeek WOD 3Today we are going after a WOD programmed back a year or 2 ago by Gustavo Marquez owner MB CrossFit This WOD is all about speed and recovery. 12min EMOM  8 Cleans 65/35  Each set must be unbroken. Every break will be counted and at end of WOD you will do 5 slam […]