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Wheel Wod Nation Here we are again middle of the week. Wanted to say thanks for all of you that hit the Love the snatch WOD. Helping spread the word is the first step and it meant a lot to me to see the support. Today we we are going to hit ski erg/row wod […]

Love the snatch may 19th

LOVE THE SNATCH Today’s workout is in honour of a friend of mine. She was a warrior, a genius and a writer. Jen Young was diagnosed with cervical cancer and never even wavered. Instead she faced it head on and inspired countless others to do the same. She founded “Love the snatch” and raised many […]

WHEELWOD OF MAY 18th #VictoriaDay

VICTORIA DAY Here in Canada we take a Day to celebrate the Queens Birthday: Queen Victoria Victoria Day (in French: Fête de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour ofQueen Victoria‘s birthday. The date is also, simultaneously, that on which the current reigning Canadian […]

WHEELWOD OF MAY 15th #GrindOrQuit

SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA GRIND That was a fast week and might as well go out with a bang! Ive pulled out a Hero wod for this Friday! This is one that leaves you crushed (like most heroes do) but this one adapts well   BUY IN: 500m Row 3 rounds of Cindy 5 pull ups […]

WHEELWOD OF MAY 14th #HustleHard

SOMETIMES LIFE IS HARD… SO LIFT HEAVY SHIT AND MOVE ON! We had some great numbers sent in yesterday from the sprint style WOD. Now I think today we focus Heavy and Endurance… its a deadly combo. I like to switch it up as much as possible as the constant variation is what we encounter […]

WHEELWOD OF MAY 13th #ExcusesSuck

HUMP DAY I find mid-week workouts are the toughest work outs to hit. I guess thats why Nationally Thursdays are the lowest attended days in a box. I always like to go after a quick hitter style WOD Wednesday and some strength work on Thursdays to get through the mid week lull. So I have […]

WHEELWOD OF MAY 12th #Nicole

Benchmarks Benchmarks are important to us as we need them to have a way to measure if what we are doing on a daily basis is actually producing results. It allows us to adjust out programming and focus in on our weaknesses. We have done a few Crossfit Benchmarks and a few fitness Benchmarks over […]


Back to the Grind Its that time again, Monday morning! Week 2 of Ogar’s Strength cycle and might as well start off with the Monster mash! Buy In: 3 rounds of Cindy 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 back extensions   Focus: Full Snatch From Ground+Hang Snatch+Snatch Grip Press behind Neck 6×1+1+2   Floor […]


F’ YEAH FRIDAY Oh Friday how we missed you! stoked to see you again and looking forward to the weekend.  This Friday is brought you by Gustavo and his #bossLady Miranda Oldroyd. Both are amazing people and have great taste in music. As well they have a bad (or good depending on your insanity level) […]


WheelWod 4 Life It’s amazing how many people we have hitting the wheelwods.. We have seen new faces every month and the movement continues to grow! Lets remember to continue to post and share our workout times! Reminder that the Strength portion is being programmed by Kevin Ogar. This is a great opportunity to learn […]