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WHEELWOD OF APRIL 16th #LiftingIsLiving

Metcon Vs Lifting Heavy shit I get in the mood sometimes and all i want to do is take on long grinding Metcons… its where I excel and where I honestly feel most comfortable… But then I get hanging with guys like Ogar and I see him pick up and move obscene amounts of weight […]


I don’t just Rap.. I AMRAP Hope you got your wood screws i cause today’s wod is gonna blow your wheels off We are lucky to get this week of programming from Mr.Ogar. Yesterdays was brutal and today’s doesn’t look any nicer! Make sure you get some vid of this and/or post your reps in […]

WHEELWOD OF APRIL 14th #Wheelchairgang

Wheelchair Gang Hello WheelWodNation I apologize for the lack of Wod yesterday. I lost a big part of my life to Cancer yesterday. My 9 year old Golden retriever lost the battle through the night and it was a long day yesterday. she was a warrior and an amazing Dog. I was so lucky to […]


Harlem Chipper Once again its the end of the week. We had some tough Wod’s this week and a decent rest or slow day yesterday in preparation for the Chipper today. The inspiration for this Wod came from a huge supporter/sponsor for Wheelwod, Syn Martinez and AfroBrutality. Listening to Syn talking about Barbell Chippers ON […]

WHEELWOD OF APRIL 9th #StrengthDay/Skill Day

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Well if you feel anything like me today… Then you will agree with either rest or some strength / skill work today.   I choose Strength Work but I’m going to give 2 options today, and in the end listen to your body.     Buy In: Dynamic warm Up your […]

WHEELWOD OF APRIL 8th #WeightLiftingAndEndurance

Hey Wheelwodnation! been a good week so far and seeing some cool shit happening on the IG and FB page. Keep posting your results and some video is always a great add to help spread the movement.   On a seperate note we got a few questions on movements posted so far this week so […]

WHEELWOD OF APRIL 7TH #EndurancevsPower

Endurance & Power Today’s Wheelwod is a cardio demon! We are going with the some endurance work mixed with weight lifting… Always a recipe for fun Check this out, like I promised we will be pushing our chairs this week.. Are you ready for the challenge?   WHEELWOD BUY IN: 500m row or Erg 3 […]


SPRING IS COMING  A few more weeks of cold here in Canada but hopefully the warm weather is near. I have been getting out on the longer wheels in the mile and longer to start building that cardio engine back up. I tend to focus strength in the Winter and Fall and get back on […]

WHEELWOD OF APRIL 3rd #TequilaSunrise

It’s Friday MOFO’s! It’s a day where we can go H.A.M. if you follow this programming because tomorrow is a rest day! It the words of the Cashmere kid, Boss Up! So hit this WOD, re-fuel and then Drink some tequila! Have a great Easter or weekend depending on what you celebrate!   Buy In: […]